I’m not going to skirt around it, love.

If you’re here reading this, it’s because you know you were meant for big things.

In fact, if we get really real, you’ve always known it.

You’ve got a big vision,
you are here to make a big impact in the world
and inspire others into powerful transformation.

You dream of a life that is extraordinary. Fully felt. Fully experienced.
Epic even.

And even though you have already built great success and have reached a certain level in your leadership…

You know that the time has come for you to take it to the next level.


THAT level.

You know exactly the one I’m talking about.

The one that you have felt is your
destiny since you were a little girl.

That level where you’re playing full out,
your life is bringing its A game,
you’re flying sky high,
you’re deeply aligned with your creativity,
your relationships are deeply fulfilling and nourishing,

you’re getting the opportunities you’ve always wanted,
you’re radiating in full alignment with your soul

and you are stepping into the role of a true high-impact leader.

The one where you get to powerfully inspire many with your unique soul gifts & live your life at the level that the people you have always admired live it.

So let’s talk about why you’re not there yet.

Sometimes you wonder if you’d be able to handle it if you get there. Sometimes you worry that stepping into that level might overwhelm you, take away your freedom, time with your family or the spaciousness to stay connected to yourself.

Sometimes you’re afraid that if you get to THAT level, there will be more people to judge you, give you shit or if you’re not perfect, they’ll think you’re a fraud.

And sometimes you feel a little foggy on HOW exactly you’re going to get there. Even though you’ve always been a high achiever, you doubt yourself on your way to this next level.

You wonder if you’re on the right track or what right decisions you’ll need to make to get you there.

Sometimes you get frustrated because even though you’ve already gotten opportunities other people dream of, you’re not getting the “really big” opportunities you want, or you feel a little bit unseen by the “powers that be”.

You feel like you’re right on the verge of breaking on through,
but you’re not quite there yet. So how do you break on through?

For the past 6 years, I have been working with high achieving, creative, visionary women, helping them break through to their next level of BIG impact, become powerful next generation thought leaders & build epic, beautiful aligned lives along the way.

How did they do this?

I invite them on a journey with me to get
deeply aligned with their souls.

quotesSA2Lisa has an uncanny talent at getting to the root of what’s keeping you from your greatest desires and goals and shifting it into mega possibility and reality. She is one of the most gifted coaches I’ve ever worked with.quoteSA

Jennifer Kem, Creator of Master Brand, CEO & Founder of KemComm Media Group, www.jenniferkem.com

Because your Soul has the divine blueprint for the impactful life you were put here
to create.

Your soul has all the answers and step by step instructions to rise into the fully embodied life and the high impact leadership for which you were born.

And if you’re a high-achieving woman, chances are you don’t always have the time and the space to listen to the voice of your soul. Chances are you’ve got a lot of people you’re holding space for. But this cuts off your ability to listen to and implement your own inner guidance.
And who is holding the space for YOU?

When we work together, you step into a powerful container, created by me, designed to clear everything out that is not aligned with your soul’s essence and truly connect and listen to the guidance of your Soul.

We unlock the blueprint for your most epic life.

Working with Lisa has been worth every penny. My life has improved drastically—from my marriage to my career to my entire outlook on life. This is a container of continuous learning, reprogramming and most important—unconditional support. Working with Lisa is a must.

Luba Mason, Award Winning Broadway Performer, Musician, Co-creator of the Mixtura style of music, www.lubamason.com

And when we do, a deep shift occurs—you unleash the full magic of your unhindered creativity, identify and embody your unique soul gift, and step into the role of a high impact, soulful leader that can hold the container to inspire many.

It’s profound work.
A deep dive into the core of who you’re really called here to be.
A return to the essence of your most creative self.

And it’s the most important journey you can take.

Because a life, business or expressed work without YOU in it, is not long term sustainable.
Because you were born with a potential for greatness.

But it’s up to you if you’re going to step into it powerfully once and for all,
or let it fade away with confusion and self doubt.

It’s up to you, babe.

If you’re ready to dive deep into your soul’s journey in 2017, step into a high level container for growth and emerge as the visionary, inspirational leader you were called here to be.

Welcome to your power, sister.
Welcome to the woman you were always called to be.

Lisa has a magical energy that allows everyone around her to tune in, sink in. As an entrepreneur life can feel so go go go and it’s so refreshing to be in Lisa’s presence and consider what’s really true, resonant, aligned for you today and in the next season. She’s a gift.

Hilary Rushford, Founder Dean Street Society, www.deanstreetsociety.com

This 1:1 work that we will do together is deep and powerful. It affects deep transformation on a soul level. I give you my 100% presence and power as a guide, Seer & soul-alignment coach to help you embody the power of your unique gifts and step into radiating the essence that you are called here to be.

This is truly a co-creation.
A soul journey into your unique magic.
A re-connection with the divine power within.

This is a high level mentorship experience for which I am only accepting 10 women this year. It is an application only process.

How long?
We will work intimately and deeply for 10 months, because this is the time I have noticed it takes for me to fully serve you and for you to truly, powerfully honor your process and be transformed.

I expect you to show up with 100% devotion
to your process as I will show up for yours.


Everyone has natural superpowers, and Lisa’s is holding space for your true and deep sense of knowing to emerge. With her tender support, I’ve gotten in touch with achingly-elusive truths and  found much-craved clarity around important decisions. Everything you need to know is already within you, and Lisa is here to help you find your answers.

Nisha Moodley, CEO of Nisha Moodley International, Creator of International Sisterhood Day™, www.nishamoodley.com

  • We meet for up to 2 hours a month (usually 2, 1:1 sessions every two weeks).
  • You get my personal cell phone number for text support in between.
  • $500 off one of our 5-day 2017 Soul Adventure retreats.

Lisa has some kind of ‘magic’. Beyond what you
have known before. That word is bandied about a lot. This is real magic. After just one call with Lisa I realized her powers snuck through the lines—and entered my deepest regions where I ever hid my shadows from myself. It was then we identified a culprit who was operating beyond my awareness and limiting my next level of leadership in an already very successful business. We named it, and suddenly I was freed of its ways. It instantly shifted a part me that I had struggled with for years and it has been different ever since. I am shy of the woo-woo people, too many out there. Lisa is not one of those; she is gifted, a priestess and inspired by the highest. Take a risk and be prepared for entering true change. Life changer. Game changer—is Lisa’s gift.

Debra Silverman, M.A. Astrology & Psychotherapist,

One of the things I have found over and over again over the years is that the creative, visionary souls that I work with always tell me they “felt called”. And so, they listened. And reached out.

This is truly a journey that your soul calls you to.
You know if you’re supposed to be one of the 10 already as you’re reading this.

The Soul Alchemy mentorship journey is by-application-only.

If you know you are one of the 10, then apply now.

I want to make sure we’re a good fit for each other before we dive into this beautiful 10 month journey baring our souls and getting you to your most epic, divinely guided, soul aligned life & leadership.

One of the common elements I find in women who are a good fit for this deep soul journey with me is that they:

  • are open to learning, and to re-examining things they “have already done before”—they understand there is never too much exploring one can do and that a good attitude to approach life and soul work with is to approach is with the mind of a child—open to anything.
  • are open to releasing attachment to results dictated to them by a masculine paradigm, —they’re ready to step into a feminine paradigm where instead of being tightly attached to masculine results, or rigid about how things should be, they’re ready to step into their feminine, be flexible, honor their process & be in the work of connecting and diving deep into their soul.
  • are open to soul/spiritual work, desiring to dive deep, open to the journey, no matter how it unravels and courageous enough to look within and trust in the unfolding of their hearts.
  • are ready to show up 100% for themselves and their commitments, they understand the coaching relationship is not about them being fed answers or being told what to do in every session, but instead it’s about us co-creating the life & purpose they feel called to live. They understand the coaching relationship is 200% — both me and them showing up 100% in the container.
  • are able to trust in me as their guide & surrender to the process.

If that’s you, I invite you to apply, Sister.

Once you apply, we will review your application.
If you are accepted, we will schedule a call with you and Lisa to make sure it’s a perfect fit for both of you. You are under no obligation to join if you apply. This is just an application.

Lisa is a powerhouse catalyst for change makers and leaders. When you know deep inside that you’re meant for greatness, getting Lisa in your corner will be one of the most powerful choices you ever make.

Amrita Khalsa, CEO of Amrita Khalsa Consulting,

I’ve doubled my client base and every woman is getting amazing results! I am a thousand times more confident in the direction of my business and my unique message in the world. I trust my instincts and move forward without questioning them. I am more aligned than ever before and it feels amazing.

Natalie Taggart, Women’s Leadership Coach

Working with Lisa held a space for me to rise into the spotlight of author and truth speaker with a confidence I didn’t have before.

Christine Egan, Author, www.thehealthygirlsguidetobreastcancer.com